Krissy Tate Pilates
Krissy Tate Pilates
restore. rebalance. results.



Krissy Tate Pilates is inspired by the art and science of movement.



Whether your goal is toning, injury recovery, or improving your healthy lifestyle, Krissy Tate Pilates will get you to where you want to be! Spring-loaded Pilates apparatus equipment is the most efficient way to reach your stretch and strength goals simultaneously. Train with Krissy one-on-one or bring a friend for a duet session — either way you will find the personal attention you need to have a safe, fun, effective workout.


pilates is for everyone

There is a place for everyone in Pilates.

  • beginner -> advanced

  • restorative -> feel-the-burn

  • pro athlete -> pro desk jockey

  • surgery recovery -> surgery prevention

  • prenatal -> postnatal


you belong here

Pilates with Krissy is time for you to reach your goals. Your sessions are tailored to your specific needs. When consistently practiced, Pilates will bring out a new and improved you. In the words of Joseph Pilates:

  • In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference

  • In 20 sessions you’ll see the difference

  • In 30 sessions you’ll have a new body



"Krissy Tate led the class through what I would describe as my best Pilates experience after exercising in NYC for two decades."

"From the moment Krissy began teaching I knew I had just discovered a gem."

"[Krissy] cued the breathing expertly and I immediately felt my mind unwrapping all of the mental chatter and remained keenly focused on my alignment and body."

... more coming soon!